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«I do not Cure a Desease itself but the organism as a whole…»

Residents of Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR have long got used got used to long queues in a polyclinic when they decide to see their doctor. But my story is about a doctor who receives patients on the river bank or in a park, answers their questions and gives recommendation free of charge.

After I first learnt of Yuri Omelchenko from TV and radio programs, then read about him in periodicals, I made up my mind to approach him with the «bunch» of my diseases.

The method of Omelchenko

This text is translated from the newspaper «Poradnycia» («Adviser»), the issue of Thursday, July 23, 1998.

If you will not cure yourself then nobody will do it!

This person does not need any special introduction. Today on the account of the folk healer Jury Omelchenko there is a huge amount of people who were cured from the diverse, worst illnesses. He is one of those who actively propagandize the efficiency of natural ways of healing and in practice prove that only the person in unification with the nature is capable of protecting oneself from illnesses. This method — simple and accessible to everyone — becomes interesting to more and more people, including our readers. Taking into account the demand it was decided to provide more details regarding the method highlighted on the pages of newspaper.


  • fast (conditional starvation);
  • herbal medicine;
  • urine therapy;
  • reflexotherapy.

While fasting, a patient at the same time uses extracts of herbs (which is both a medicine, and food), and urine, and bathes in cold water.

Fast (conditional starvation)

How to enter in a state of fast.
Food which we used last will remain for a long time in the organism. Therefore it is desirable, that it is not bread, macaroni, groats, bacon, or meat, or otherwise processes of fermentation and rotting will occur in the organism. Before fasting you have to eat vegetables — carrots, beet, cabbage, greens. It will clean the gastroenteric path and will prepare an organism for fasting.
Conditional starvation needs to be begun with dry starvation.
What does this mean? For 2-3 days a person lives without food and without water. If it is difficult to do this for 2-3 days, it is possible to reduce this period to 1 day: it is better, than nothing. Such ‘dry pause’ gives the organism an opportunity to be reconstructed at the expense of absorbing its internal stocks.

It is very important to enter fast correctly, and it is still more important — to stop it correctly. Duration of an exit is 10-15 days. For this time it is necessary to forget about bread, potatoes, salt and all products which contain it. Every day the menu will extend; what you eat the first day, will be used all next days, and the same is with products of the second, the third days, etc.

The first day.
To take a handful of hips, fill 1 litre of boiled water and keep in a thermos for 8-10 h. It can be drunk as tea; it is possible to add a bit of honey, juice or lemon.

The second day.
3-4 fresh tomatoes to be scald and eaten during the day. It is possible to replace tomatoes with crude cabbage put through a meat grinder. Drink natural juices (from non-polluting products), for example, carrots.

The third day.
Cook vegetable soup (without a potato and salt), it is possible to eat a baked apple. In addition you can add into the menu the extract of dog-rose, honey, lemon, tomatoes or cabbage.

During the first 5-6 days the food should be carefully grounded before the usage.

After the third day and up to the end of an exit from conditional starvation it is possible to use already all vegetation.

In the first days of an exit the food mostly will be spent for feeding the sick cells. Therefore it is expedient to continue to drink extract of herbs which operate as herbicides on a vegetable garden — weeds perish, and useful plants grow.

Having finished to fast, take further care of your health, remember efficiency of separate meals, and «live» food.


What for do we use herbal tea during a fast.
The purpose of the herb-tea is gathering of curative herbs invented by Omelchenko — to help the patient sustain a long fast, to support the activity of cardiovascular, nervous systems.

Young, say, cancer cells roughly develop, remaining in a stage of «youth». The script of development of almost all cancer diseases is mostly the same — whatever the person would do, he goes thinner, and the tumour grows. If one starves, i.e. uses only water, it becomes a good building material for sick cells.

How to take herb-tea.

One litre of herbal concentrate, 5 litres of cold boiled water (desirably from a well) have to be kept in a cold place in glass containers. Do not plastic bottles for this purpose.

It is impossible to keep the concentrate without dissolving for a long time. Do not boil the concentrate!

When the dry fast comes to the end, it is necessary to drink not less than 0.5 litre every day (possibly more, especially in the first days of fasting) diluted herb-tea. It is possible to do it when necessary — in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening; at one time or in several intakes; cold or warm (but to not boiled!)

It happened that patients after a long fast (40 days and more) felt disgust to the extract, nevertheless it is necessary to use it.

One litre of the concentrate is enough for two weeks of treatment. Besides, it is necessary to drink the usual crude well water — as much as necessary.



In the first days of the fast one will want to eat. Nevertheless it is not the true hunger, but a psychological habit during certain time to receive the certain portion of food.

Having endured the first days a little bit, the patient forgets about hunger. Of more help will be extracts of herbs, urine, water and bathing in cold water.

It is important not to provoke hunger. Therefore it is impossible to clean teeth with toothpaste, which contains various additives. If there is such desire, use tooth-powder or urine for cleaning or simply rinse the mouth with water. Whatever you would do, the smell of acetone (an end-product of disintegration of fatty cells) will not disappear during a fast.

When you get in a conditional hunger, the organism starts to be cleared in any ways.

In 2-3 days the tongue will be covered by a raid, its colour will change even to pink. Till the organism is not cleared of slags, toxins, and any other dust which has been saved up in it during many years, the tongue will not become pink.

It happens that, that after two or three weeks of fasting symptoms of illness disappear. But the fast has to continue for further treatment, till the tongue is pink. This way you will be guaranteed against relapse of illness.

For the period of fasting the course of all diseases will become aggravated. It is normal, it means that the organism is struggling with them.

If the person does fast for the first time, and besides, he is abused with food, or has symptoms of a hang-over, for example, headaches are possible. It is necessary to endure.

Faintness, vomiting, and sour eyes are possible, there will be sand or stones in kidneys, bilious bubbles, slices of green «plasticine», and other harmful formations. During the life, the rests of incompatible food, slime etc. are deposited in the large intestine. All this will lose water in due course, then it is cemented and deposited on the walls of large intestine, and in conditions of a fast this dirt comes off and is led out of the organism.

For the period of fast the fatty cells «deposited» by the organism for rainy day are used. Thus blood will get littered and it is necessary to drink fresh water in order to assist to clarification through kidneys.

At the beginning, patients may feel relief, in fact, the heart is freed from servicing the intestines. If one is ill, it is necessary to make a small break after several days of fast. Another time your heart will allow fasting longer. During a fast, it is necessary have a normal usual lifestyle: it is necessary to move more, and communicate with the nature. It is not good to spend at all the time in a bed, pitying oneself, listening to each reaction of the organism. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember, that the internal operation in underway.The organism is regenerating and getting cleared.


Why is urine used

1.Entering the large intestine, urine, being a strong saline solution, acts as a laxative

Artificial stimulation of any function of the organism results in adaptation. Enema is one of such things.

Enema is needed only if an ill person fails to have defecation for over 5 days, and he feels a certain discomfort there. Enema is done with obligatory addition of baking soda into the water (one spoonful per litre of water). If you use water only, it will favour the intoxication, and this so called “hypertension solution” prevents from absorption of harmful substances into the intestines.

2.Urine favours flow of blood to the cardiac muscle due to having strong vasorelaxant substance, which is similar to nitroglycerine in its action.

Therefore some cardio surgeons even use urine to support heart of a patient during operations.

To people who are on conditional hunger, have not only to take urine, but also to be rubbed with it (especially those who have heart problems, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin diseases).

3. The immune system is the watchman of our organisms, it protects us from various virus attacks.Urine stimulates the activity of immune system. The important chemical elements contained in urine, act as a tonic.

4. Organism of a sick person develops certain amount of hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and other substances which help it struggle with diseases. All this is concentrated in urine in.Concentrated poisonous substances contained in the urine of a sick person act as vaccines.

How to take urine

From the very day when a patient starts to fast and drink the extract of herbs and fresh well water, he should drink every day no less than 200-250 g of his own fresh urine, taken at any time – during the day, evening or night, at once, or several times.

A person who fasts for over two weeks, has to stop taking urine for a week after the 30-th day, and then he can continue taking it again.

During the time of treatment urine can sharply change its colour, taste, or the organism may have difficulties in accepting it. In such case it is also advised to make a break.

Urine is not the basic, but an auxiliary means in treatment by the given methods.


How long is it necessary to fast?

The doctors of the Omelchenko centre who will be carrying out the ultrasonic examination will tell about it. It all depends on a concrete person, and his health. But it is advisable to take treatment for 45 more days after your tongue gets completely rose-coloured. The blood is cleared during this period. All people who fast for more than 40 days should be under doctors’ supervision in the Omelchenko centre.

And then it is necessary to adhere to church posts all life.

Having started treatment, one should not stop half-way even if there is some improvement.
Illness, and the reason of its occurrence has to be rooted out completely.

REFLEXOTHERAPY (bathing in cold water)

Skin plays an important role in the vital activity of an organism, performing a number of functions: protection, purification, regulation, nutrition, and breathing.

Even the doctors of Ancient China came to a conclusion, that the skin has active zones, via stimulation of which, it is possible to influence other viscera. Such medical method as acupuncture is also well-known. In the Omelchenko’s method it is substituted with cold water. One immersing in ice-cold water is equivalent to 30 acupuncture sessions.

Why bathe in cold water

1. Having started to fast, a person overcomes the feeling of hunger. Nevertheless there is a process of exacerbation of all the illnesses that starts in an organism, and probably you will fell even the pain that had gone away in the childhood.

Cold water acts as an anaesthetic.

2. It returns energy and forces to those, which fast.

3.There is harmonization of an inner world of a person, the organism is adjusted to external changes. Because the environment constantly changes, and it is more difficult for a sick organism to adapt. Water carries all the necessary information about these changes.

4.The important factor of tempering with cold water is a positive effect on mentality. Jumping in an ice-hole, showing an uncommon will power, the patient is determined to recover.

Bathing in the natural conditions in an ice-hole is much better and more pleasant than in a bath.

How to take cold baths correctly

1. You have to enter the water being physically warmed up (that is why the place for bathing was chosen by Omelchenko far from the subway station Hidropark, in order to give people the opportunity to warm up while going there). If you feel cold, you have to make some active moves, have a run, and only then enter the water. The clothes should be warm, but also enable you to take it off and put on quickly (sweater, t-shirt, sports trousers).

2. One should not stay in cold water for more than one minute (up to the first minute water treats you, and after that it is destructive for health). In the first seconds the spasm of capillaries and vessels takes place, the blood starts active circulation, and each cell develops heat like a small power station. But gradually cold water starts to take this heat away and if you stay too long, you can catch cold. If the hands or feet are frozen it is not so bad, but if the cold is felt in the thorax area, there is a probability of catching cold.

It is absolutely necessary to plunge into water with your head, as many active points are situated there.

When you get out from water, it is not necessary to wipe yourself (your organism will work as a power station). It is better to have a small run and then quickly put the clothes on.

If there is no opportunity to bathe in cold water or you undergo treatment during a warm season, it is possible to use a bath filled with cold water or any other container.

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Patients successfully cure from such illnesses, as:
  • Tumours: a myoma
  • also malignant: the CANCER, a ssarcoma (including 3rd-4th stages)!!!
  • Tumours of a brain
  • the Multiple sclerosis
  • Illnesses of blood including a leukaemia
  • the Cirrhosis of a liver
  • Skin diseases
  • the Asthma
  • Stones in kidneys, in a bilious bubble
  • the Arthritis
  • the Prostatitis
  • the Impotence
  • Barreness
  • the Hypertension, the Hypotonia